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Abstract & Textured Backdrops Abstract & Textured Backdrops

192 products

Abstract Textured Backdrops,textured backdrops for photography. We offer different styles of textured backdrops.

Animal Backdrops Animal Backdrops

24 products

In nature, animals are our good friends.Our Animal Backdrops has a variety of scenes. The castle background can create a wonderful...

Architecture Backdrops Architecture Backdrops

136 products
World famous architecture backdrops, made by a new type material that washable, foldable, and ironed.

Attractions & Iconic Landmarks Attractions & Iconic Landmarks

16 products

Explore the world's top attractions into your photography studio through our iconic landmarks. Looks like no real difference, apply to...

Autumn Backdrops Autumn Backdrops

30 products

Buyers looking for wholesale autumn backdrop in Consumer Electronics also searched. Find great deals on photography backdrops and autumn backdrops...

Baby & Kid Backdrops Baby & Kid Backdrops

238 products

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. You are the bows from which your children. As living arrows are sent...

Backdrop Stands Backdrop Stands

4 products

At iBackdrop we offer a wide selection of backdrop support systems, with options for every type of shooting scene.. Whether...

Backdrops by Color Backdrops by Color

46 products

We offer a variety of colors in the background backdrops to meet the needs of a variety of occasions shooting...

Backdrops of Film Backdrops of Film

23 products

iBackdrop has supplied high quality products to movie production companies for decades. We provide printed backdrops of film and television productions. iBackdrop specializing...

Backdrops Prop Backdrops Prop

30 products

Browse our backdrops props, including sitting and standing lenses, numbers and so on. These backdrops props are also ideal for theatre...

Baseball Backdrops Baseball Backdrops

11 products

Baseball Backdrops in over a hundred themes! No other sport is as much a part of our lives as Americas...

Basketball Backdrops Basketball Backdrops

15 products

Basketball is the Olympic Games core game project, is hand-centered confrontational sports. The basketball backdrops can create a real sports scene.

Beaches, Lakes & Waterfalls Beaches, Lakes & Waterfalls

70 products

Thin vinyl seaside beach , lakes and waterfalls backdrop for photo studio outdoor background backdrops.

Birthday Backdrops Birthday Backdrops

111 products

iBackdrop provides rich birthday backdrops. Whether you're planning a kid's birthday party, a cake smash photo shoot, or a sweet...

Black Backdrops Black Backdrops

2 products

Black is the background of the universe, on behalf of peace, is also the end of all. The largest selection of black backdrops and...

Blue Backdrops Blue Backdrops

18 products

Blue is the coldest color. Blue backdrops is very pure, usually reminiscent of the ocean, sky, water, the universe. Blue backdrops...

Bokeh & Blurred Backdrops Bokeh & Blurred Backdrops

12 products

Bbokeh Featured backdrop for photography,We offer different styles of bokeh backdrops.Browse through everything from Beautiful bokeh photo backdrops and heart...

Botanical + Floral Backdrops Botanical + Floral Backdrops

164 products
2021 newest and affordable fabric photography backdrops, including a lot of botanical and floral background. We delivers portable and best fabric material photography...

Botanical Backdrops Botanical Backdrops

133 products
2021 newest and affordable botanical & plant backdrops collection

Brick Wall Backdrops Brick Wall Backdrops

72 products

Brick wall backdrops make for wonderful engagement or studio backdrop. The background photo looks like a real brick wall!

Brown Backdrops Brown Backdrops

4 products

Brown is the traditional color noun, brown hair color, that is brown. Brown is often associated with the soil, natural,...

Bunting Backdrops Bunting Backdrops

35 products

Our line of bunting printed backdrops are perfect for birthday portraits, kid portraits, cake smashes and more! These backdrops are perfect...

Cartoon & Fairytale Backdrops Cartoon & Fairytale Backdrops

159 products

Let the child's dream become a fairy tale! Our cartoon backdrops and  fairytale backdrops apply to children's photography,

Castle Backdrops Castle Backdrops

35 products

Our castle background has a variety of scenes. Castle backdrops can create a magical illusion for any special event or dance recital.


Chalkboard Backdrops Chalkboard Backdrops

5 products

Our chalkboard backdrops With dozens of designs, these printed cloth background gives the blackboard background fantasy without the trouble of...

Chevron Backdrops Chevron Backdrops

9 products

You can add a unique Chevron Backdrops from iBackdrop!These unique backgrounds are perfect for tracking applications, including: school and team portraits, photo...

Christmas Backdrops Christmas Backdrops

348 products

A fantastic selection of top quality large scale Christmas Backdrops for rental or sale. Vast selection of Christmas backdrops for photography. We...

Cityscape Cityscape

12 products

Our Cityscape Backdrops has a variety of scenes. The Cityscape Backdrops can create a wonderful sight for any occasion. Custom Cityscape Backdrops from...

Colored Eggs Backdrops Colored Eggs Backdrops

2 products

Colored Eggs usually means that the film does not look carefully, will be ignored the interesting details; there is the...

Custom Custom

270 products

Our custom Backdrop's order processing cycle is no more than the standard product.'s specialty is to quickly process custom-made backdrops, and...

Custom Baby Shower Backdrops Custom Baby Shower Backdrops

37 products

Impress the new-parents and your guests with a custom baby shower backdrop from iBackdrop! These cute baby shower backdrop are perfect for dessert table...

Custom Backdrops Custom Backdrops

8 products

Trade show, conference or sports event coming up? We've got you covered. Our trade shows & promotional events photography backdrops ideal for tradeshows,...

Custom Photo Booth Backdrops Custom Photo Booth Backdrops

2 products

The Photo Booth Backdrops of today shoot in full color and are outfitted with high-tech touchscreen displays. With all of these new...

Custom Prom & Homecoming Custom Prom & Homecoming

20 products

iBackdrop designs offered exclusively through Backdrop Express! Custom prom backdrops and homecoming backdrops are perfect for prom, homecoming,child photography, vintage...

Custom Step and Repeats Custom Step and Repeats

7 products
Custom step and repeats, step and repeats banner,step and repeat backdrop

Damask Backdrops Damask Backdrops

14 products

Damask Backdrops are a very popular style of photography backdrop due to the modern yet seamless wallpaper...

Door & Window Backdrops Door & Window Backdrops

21 products

Vintage door background and window background retro studio digital printing newborn backdrops for photo studio....

Easter Backdrops Easter Backdrops

23 products

Find great deals on iBackdrop  for Easter Backdrops in Photo Lighting and Studio Background Material. Shop with confidence. Great but Cheap...

Festival Backdrops Festival Backdrops

761 products

Fantastic balloon printed festival backdrops for baby photo Thin vinyl newborn backdrop for studio photography background.

Flower Backdrops Flower Backdrops

144 products

Flower photography backdrops are a must for any photography enthusiast,shop at iBackdrop to find unique and beautiful flower backdrop...

Food Backdrops Food Backdrops

30 products

The best cheap backgrounds for food photography and social media flatlays. Our food backdrops has a variety of scenes. The food...

Football Backdrops Football Backdrops

32 products

Football, ball games, popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries. The Football Backdrops...

Glitter Patterned Backdrops Glitter Patterned Backdrops

44 products

Glitter patterned backdrops with golden sand for photo studio backdrops for newborn background. Backdrop designs offered exclusively through!

Gradient Backdrops Gradient Backdrops

8 products

Carnation Linear Gradient Printed Backdrop. The matte gradient background photographs beautifully.

Graduation & Class Reunion Graduation & Class Reunion

17 products

Set up a photo booth at your graduation party with the help of this Graduation & Class Reunion Backdrops! Huge selection of backdrop...

Graduation Backdrops Graduation Backdrops

18 products
The best graduation party background in 2020, providing affordable latest background ideas. The anti-wrinkle material made of cotton fabric is very light and easy...

Graffiti & Urban Scenes Graffiti & Urban Scenes

3 products

Photography Backdrop Urban Scene With Dumpster by iBackdrop. Great selection of graffiti murals and wallpaper featuring urban scenes can create a wonderful...

Gray Backdrops Gray Backdrops

2 products

Gray is an extremely versatile backdrop color. It is neutral and allows for unlimited lighting options for creating shades that...

Green Backdrops Green Backdrops

18 products

The green background is undoubtedly the most commonly used background color in photography. In most cases, the green background is...

Grunge Backdrops Grunge Backdrops

26 products

Add an urban, industrial feel to your next photo shoot with our line of grunge photography backdrops! These diverse backdrops photograph...

Halloween Backdrops Halloween Backdrops

166 products

When Halloween arrives, the children can not wait to wear colorful makeup suits and wear strange faces. In this full...

Headboards Backdrops Headboards Backdrops

9 products

Get that unique vintage look with a headboards backdrops from iBackdrop! With dozens of sizes and colors to choose from,...

Marble Printed Backdrops Marble Printed Backdrops

9 products

Marble Printed backdrops,Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, parties, graduations, proms and more personalized backdrops,Beautiful pattern printed,...

New Abstract New Abstract

192 products
2021 newest trending abstract photography backdrops, affordable wrinkle-resistant contton fabric.

New Architecture New Architecture

136 products
Newest and popular architecture backdrops, washable and wrinkle resistant fabric background.

New Arrivals New Arrivals

322 products
2020 most popular photography backdrop collection. Best offer and newest fabric material backdrops, including abstract texture photography backdrops, food photography backdrops, scene photography backdrops,...

New Backdrop Stand New Backdrop Stand

4 products
Photography stand props and new tool for photography studio, make photography easier.

New Botanical + Floral New Botanical + Floral

164 products
2021 newest and affordable fabric photography backdrops, including a lot of botanical and floral background.

New Rubber Floor New Rubber Floor

8 products
Professional photography rubber floor mats, used for photo studio mats

New Scenic New Scenic

199 products
Affordable and newest scenic backdrop collection, including beach, grassland, desert, forest backdrops, etc.

New Wood + Brick New Wood + Brick

221 products
Newest and multi function photography backdrop (wood photography backdrops and brick photography backdrops), can be used for people or product item shoting.

New Years New Years

7 products

Add a special New Years Backdrops to the upcoming New Year's Eve! Unique New Years Backdrops! The background presents a...

Orange Backdrops Orange Backdrops

2 products

Orange is cheerful and lively and brilliant colors, is the warmest of the warmest ...Orange is commonly...

Painting Backdrops Painting Backdrops

161 products

Find great deals on iBackdrop for Computer Painted Backdrop in photo lighting and studio background material. Get the perfect painting backdrops...

Party Backdrops Party Backdrops

85 products
iBACKDROP.COM delivers affordable and best fabric material backdrops, we provider free ideas about party decoration

Patriotic Backdrops Patriotic Backdrops

28 products

America's July of 4th birthday is coming. This Festival is sacred and meaningful. The Star-Spangled Banner symbolizes the United States. Choose one...

Patterned Backdrops Patterned Backdrops

421 products

Patterned backdrops perfect for weddings, parties, graduations, proms and more personalized backdrops,beautiful pattern printed,...

Photo Show Photo Show

58 products

The backdrop of this series may give you the inspiration to take photos and let you appreciate the charm of photography

Photography Backdrops Photography Backdrops

1606 products

Shop for Photography Backdrops by Theme, Color, Pattern & more!

Pink Backdrops Pink Backdrops

4 products

Pink on behalf of the lovely, warm, delicate, youth, bright, love, Meng and other significance. For this reason, pink backdrops are very popular when photographing...

Plaid Backdrops Plaid Backdrops

33 products

Backdrop designs offered exclusively through iBackdrop! These plaid backdrops are perfect for photo booths, child photography, vintage photography, boudoir and...

Polka Dot Printed Backdrops Polka Dot Printed Backdrops

63 products

We offer the most extensive polka dot printed backdrops. These polka dot printed backdrops are perfect for birthday backgrounds, photo wall...

Purple Backdrops Purple Backdrops

5 products

Purple is a very romantic color that can be used in a variety of scenes. Purple backdrops can also be...

Red Backdrops Red Backdrops

4 products

Red represents auspicious, festive, warm, unrestrained, passionate, fighting spirit, revolution.. Commonly used with passionate, or love themed shoots, it is...

Red Carpet Backdrops  Red Carpet Backdrops 

20 products

Our Red Carpet Backdrops has a variety of scenes. The red carpet backdrops can create a wonderful sight for any...

Rubber Floor Rubber Floor

8 products

iBackdrop provide a variety of rubber floor at highly competitive prices. Rubber floor is the perfect surfacing option thanks to rubber's durability and...

Scenic Backdrops Scenic Backdrops

200 products

Scenic backdrops give you the wildlife real sense,all fabric scenic backdrops is at your need.

Season Backdrops Season Backdrops

104 products

Season Backdrops is divided into four seasons feature photography background, they are spring backdrops Shop Now

Sequin Fabric Sequin Fabric

18 products

These sequin fabrics are very shining, in the entire polyester mesh fabric with thousands of sewing sequins. Suitable for

Soccer Backdrops Soccer Backdrops

74 products

Sports photography backdrops will ensure that you create that one of a kind sports ... such...

Sports Backdrops Sports Backdrops

137 products

Sports Backdrops in over a hundred themes! When taking team pictures, it is good to use a unique and different...

Spring Backdrops Spring Backdrops

7 products

Spring Backdrops Photography Price Comparison, Price Trends for Spring Backdrops Photography as Your Reference. Buy Spring Backdrops Photography at Low...

Striped Backdrops Striped Backdrops

7 products

Backdrop designs offered exclusively through iBackdrop! Striped backdrops are perfect for photo booths, child photography, vintage photography, boudoir and more!


Summer Backdrops Summer Backdrops

24 products

Summer, all kinds of creatures have been revitalized, most of the start of the strong life activities. Our Summer Backdrops...

Superhero Backdrops Superhero Backdrops

9 products

Our superhero backdrops has a variety of scenes. The superhero backdrops can create a wonderful sight for any occasion.

Themed Patterned Backdrops Themed Patterned Backdrops

56 products

Themed patterned backdrops are perfect for photo booths, child photography, vintage photography, boudoir and more!

Trees, Parks & Woodland Backdrops Trees, Parks & Woodland Backdrops

21 products

Add a one-of-a-kind backdrop to your next photo with a trees, parks backdrops and  woodland backdrops from!

Valentine Day Backdrops Valentine Day Backdrops

45 products

At the iBackdrop, we offer a lot of Valentine Day Backdrops. Whether you are planning a Valentine Day party, a...

Wedding Backdrops Wedding Backdrops

72 products

Exquisite beauty of the Wedding Backdrops allows new people happy moments more beautiful eternal, fantasy, when the new wedding backdrops...

Western Backdrops Western Backdrops

17 products

Backdrops Beautiful has an extensive collection of Western backdrops for your next event or dance recital. Searching for the perfect western backdrop...

Winter Backdrops Winter Backdrops

49 products

Winter backdrops is suitable for winter outdoor photography, party, family,child photography and other occasions. Winter Backdrops from iBackdrop are the perfect addition to any holiday party...

Wood Wood

459 products

Our Wood Backdrops is like real wood! Our wood backdrops has a variety of scenes. The wood backdrops can create...

Yellow Backdrops Yellow Backdrops

4 products

Yellow backdrops is usually considered a bright, exciting color, usually associated with sunshine, happiness and warm summer, and can also be used...

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