Affordable Photography Backdrops!


Our shop iBackdrop is now offering super cute, super durable, super affordable photography backdrops!

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Our backdrops are made from thick medium-weight cotton fabric which naturally resists wrinkling. They also do not give off an unsightly glare as many vinyl backdrops may have the tendency to do. This lightweight fabric will give you the intense vivid color that you have been looking for in the photography backdrops.
Material Description
There is a professional 2" casing (pocket) on the top and bottom which gives you utmost versatility in hanging your backdrops. Selvedge edges (the woven ends on the sides of the fabric) have been left intact in order to provide you with maximum width and durability. 

Material Description

Backdrops may be folded (and will be shipped folded for the most cost-effective means of getting it to you!) but they may need ironed before each use. That being said, please plan on ironing (wrong side up) your backdrop before its first use after shipping.
Backdrop by Theme Baby Backdrops Flower Wall Background S-1384
And finally... Here's a finished shot with the backdrop. I hope this post has been helpful and please feel free to leave a comment with any questions! Check out the shop for more fun, affordable, photography accessories!

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