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  • 6 Awesome Backdrop Ideas You Should Be Using on Your Blog

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    6 Awesome Backdrop Ideas You Should Be Using on Your Blog
    You definitely have seen those eye bobbing photos on blogs and on social media; be it Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and so forth. It goes without saying that the said photos have an awesome foreground subject but more to that, they have a remarkable backdrop. Enter custom backdrop and you have an eye catching way to highlight the subject while adding character and warmth to the photos. Custom backgrounds also create brand identity and consistency.  If you are looking for backdrop...

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  • Photo backdrops; why you need them

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    Photo backdrops; why you need them
                Through the years, photography has transformed immensely. Gone are the days when photographers had to spend hours of nerve-wracking post-production editing. With advanced photography tools, they can get it right during the production stage. However, it's still not that easy. A great photographer knows the elements of a good image. Factors such as lighting, camera angles, postures and camera settings are at the core of good photography. There is however more to this art,...

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    Photography is the art of light, because the light changes, so there is light and shade. There is no same photographic works because everyone is sensitive to light, and has the different understanding of light. Photography, understand the appreciation is very important, which we need a certain aesthetic theory, we need to master the beauty of photography! Photography, not just take a picture. I love the photography, it's a unique eye of mine,it's my unique way to observe the world, I would like to...

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