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Graffiti culture is a topic on which our society has long been divided. Graffiti is either seen as a new form of urban expression, or an art form in its own right or mindless vandalism, labeled as popular amongst delinquents, a product of the unsuccessful lower classes.

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Graffiti has been a visible sub-culture since the 1970’s and has now turned into a part of modern youth culture. No amount of wall washing, it seems, will ever suppress the spray paint culture, which appears as a brightly colored rainbow, weaving itself in and out of the gray tower block landscapes.What about you? You think the Graffiti culture is street art or street vandals?

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If you are the former, you like the graffiti, you should buy our graffiti backdrops;if you are the latter,you should even more buy our graffiti backdrops, because it's like the real Graffiti, but it does not destroy the urban. We offer the best photography backdrops for you.

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