Photo backdrops; why you need them


            Through the years, photography has transformed immensely. Gone are the days when photographers had to spend hours of nerve-wracking post-production editing. With advanced photography tools, they can get it right during the production stage. However, it's still not that easy. A great photographer knows the elements of a good image. Factors such as lighting, camera angles, postures and camera settings are at the core of good photography. There is however more to this art, the background can easily ruin a well thought out photography session. "Noise" is one of the most common problems in photography. You've captured your images and subjects are looking great, but there is that one item that wasn't supposed to be in the image, yet it found its way to the background. Instead of spending hours editing things in or out of photos, why not just invest in a photography backdrop or two?

What is a backdrop?

A photography backdrop is an artificial background in the form of regularly, shaped, colored, portable fabrics. A backdrop could be a plain white 8 by 9 muslin fabric. Other materials used include canvas, vinyl, Chroma and velvet among others. Backdrops come in different colors and designs. There are plain colored designs, backdrops mimicking natural settings (like washed brick or wooden planks) and others specially designed to capture a business’ colors, slogans or products.

How do photographers use backdrops?

One studio can have several backdrops. Whenever a session begins, the photographer rolls out one backdrop using a remote. Photographers can also transport the backdrops to different shoot locations if they’re portable and easy to roll or fold. It’s also important to note that simple maintenance is required if you invest in backdrops. Some fabrics only need to be wiped while others need careful handling for durability.

Benefits of using photography backdrops

While photographers can bank on good cameras and special lighting to capture great images, investing in a good backdrop will not only prevent common problems but will also boost business. Below are some of the most exciting benefits to expect;

They make work easier

Think about the time you spend trying to identify the best spot for each image. Is it, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour? Regardless, you could use this time to make more money if you had reliable backdrops. With different backdrop designs, you only need to match your subject’s outfit or appearance with the right background color and design. It’s a no brainer.

Timeless versatility

Natural backgrounds are definitely beautiful and unique, but they’re also unreliable. When the weather gets murky, your natural backgrounds become dull. Backdrops are however reliable as they do not change as per the weather. You will always be assured of a good background, regardless of the season.

Different designs, unique looks

While you may not move a tree or a red brick wall from the outdoors to your studio, you can buy a backdrop with these features. Whether you want a horse or the ocean in the background, different designs can help add such elements to your images, right at the comfort of your studio. Backdrop manufacturers are taking things a notch higher by producing backdrops with elements that mimic nature. They’re also adding unique textures to the backdrops just to help photographers come up with unique moods and tones.

They’re great for business

We’re living in the age of Instagram and Pinterest. Tech-savvy photographers are advertising their businesses on these platforms and they’re creating a buzz. However, you cannot create a buzz when you have the same old background in every photo. Backdrops can help you diversify your work. Since they’re affordable and easy to use, you can have as many colors and designs as possible. Such diversity will attract different clients to your studio, thus boosting business.

In summary, a backdrop can take your photography business to the next level. 21st-century photography is flawless and minimalist. It’s therefore important to invest in backdrops that will give your photos these two elements. A good backdrop can easily cut your cost and increase your revenue, as you’ll spend less time editing or looking for suitable spots. In addition, different colors and designs appeal to different clients; be it corporates, models, product manufacturers or families. Backdrops will simply equip you with the versatility you need to catapult your business.

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