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Children's Day is coming! Are you worried about giving your child a gift? iBackdrop can help parents to find a special birthday gift - Baby & Kid Backdrops.

Mom and Dad can take a memorable photo for their baby in this special day. So a great backdrop is very important. A mysterious cartoon scenery will still bring endless fun, in addition to Baby & Kid Backdrops, we also offer Animal Backdrops, Food Backdrops ,Baby Shower Backdrops for children shooting scenes.

 Baby Kid Backdrops Candy Food Backdrops Custom Made Backdrops HJ04062

Baby Kid Backdrops Cartoon Fairytale Backdrops Jungle Backdrop Baby Backdrop Backdrops HJ03509

If you do not like the above that, it does not matter, perhaps you will be more like the background of a rainbow, there are rivers and candies, so beautiful picture will realize all the children's childhood dream. Mom and Dad hurry up to buy one! Realize your child's dream on the Children's Day.

Baby Kid Backdrops Candy Food Backdrops Custom Made Backdrops HJ04062

If your child likes animals, perhaps the following backdrops will be more suitable for you. This backdrops is so beautiful and fantastic,do you like it? This is the Animal Backdrops, the picture has two lovely horses, rivers, rainbow, the most important thing is, if you use this to take pictures, you will feel it is very real. High standards of printing technology will make this scene more real, as if it is a real picture. Hurry up! 

Animal Backdrops Safari Backdrop Rainbow Backdrop Backdrop Beautiful Alice In Wonderland Backdrop J03528


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  • Posted on by Moira Blythe

    I’ve only celebrated Children’s Day a few times with my family, but we love it! These backdrops are so colorful and I think we’d love to do a photo shoot with them. They have more in the backdrop than any other backdrop I’ve ever seen, but I love them because of that!

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