Summer Backdrop


The Barbecue season and summer parties have already started, and that means it is the perfect time to create beautiful, memorable moments with sweet and adorable pictures with your friends and family. Summertime can be a lot more fun when you see our awesome summer backdrop ideas. 

A backdrop filled with colors can add a significant amount of fun to any occasion, and in addition to that, it will certainly add more smiles! You can use natural places like the beach and the sea, or you can get your own props to create a beautiful and cool shot. Have a look at some of our best summer backdrop ideas, which will inspire you to try them as soon as you can. 

A lemonade stand

You can create a custom lemonade stand. The theme of a lemonade stand always make a picture more special - think of the sweet and sour fruity touch that will make a picture refreshing. You can also add a few paper banners, a chalkboard sign that you can make at home, and to make it more vibrant try the lemons glare. The lemonade stand backdrop will give you photo a refreshing yellow look which will go perfectly with the summer theme. 

Sunny surfers 

Now that everyone is busy booking tickets so that they can spend more time on the beaches, here is something you can do - you can try the sunny surfer shot with a cool and awesome pose-able backdrop! Summertime fun means beaches and a whole lot of sun. Similarly, the blue color signifies cool and refreshing water. It is commonly associated with the blue sea, and that is what makes it a cool summer backdrop idea. 

 Bright and Sunny 

The name itself says it all! Try your favorite beach accessories such as beach ball, swimsuit or your glamorous sunglasses and mix it up with a retro-styled summer backdrop. This summer backdrop can make certainly add a classic appeal to the pictures and can make the picture look fashionable, trendy, and very cool. It's an incredible idea if you want to mix the fun side of summertime with some retro fashion! 

Cloudy day 

A cloudy sky is always a treat to the eyes, especially when its summer and the heat becomes unbearable. A cloudy sky summer backdrop will certainly add more appeal to the picture. You can try outfits that are worn on rainy days to make it look more natural. Mix the backdrop with cute little clouds and make it bright with some light blue shades. Pose with an umbrella and make it look more lively.


 Day at the beach 

Gather your kids and family members for this summer backdrop! Although you can't be on the beach, you can always create the feel and ambience of a beach. Not only it will make a great picture, but it is also perfect for your entire family to have a memorable picture together. Get all your beach accessories like beach balls, sunglasses, swimwear, and to make it more real bring in some sand too!  Tropical Island 

A deserted island with distant hills and trees always look good. Either you want to play a pirate or a person stranded on an island, the tropical island summer backdrop is always a good idea. Much like the summer beach backdrop, you can also use some sand to make it feel more real. And if you are planning to play a pirate, don't forget the pirate hat and the costume! 

 Sidewalk chalk 

Here is an idea that is different and innovative. Let the backdrop give you a feel of the street or a sidewalk. You can pose in it, and it will make the picture look very casual and vibrant. Bring in a bucket of colorful chalk and create a picturesque summertime park or sidewalk portrait. This will certainly make the picture playful and charming. 

Tutti frutti 

One of the best ways to cool down the summer heat is with sweet and fresh fruit! Make your picture look colorful and fresh with a summertime backdrop with a fruity theme. You can try a bright pink watermelon or a fresh yellow lemon in the background. Wear vibrant colored clothes and strike a cool pose! 


You should always keep in mind while choosing a summer backdrop idea that it should express the spirit and joyful side of the summers. Having said that we hope the summer backdrop ideas will help you get the perfect one for your pictures.

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